Rose painted by Lynnette Horn

Contemporary Rose–Final Touches

You know how when you are done painting for the day, the painting doesn’t leave you. It’s still on your mind even when you sleep. Well that was me yesterday. I kept looking at this Contemporary Rose and thinking something’s not right. I had already decided to extend the shadow farther out away from the rose in the lower left corner, but I was using Phthlalo Blue, which is pretty intense for fading out. And as beautiful a color as it is, I found it competing with the rose. By morning I decided to cool it down with a brush mix of Ultramarine Blue and Carbon Black. Ultramarine Blue is less saturated and, at least for me, easier to fade out for an extended shadow. It has the added bonus of being cooler than Phthlalo Blue.

I don’t think it is as distracting from the main attraction now. And I am happier with it. I didn’t remove the Phthlalo Blue, but glazed over it to cool it down.

Today, I also went back to clean edges and add a little more definition between petals. For the most part I used Quinacridone Violet for this. While doing this, I danced around the rose, adding emphasis to small details here and there. I don’t think the average person would notice the difference, but for me these small touches make the rose look more realistic and complete.

All in all, today’s tweaks took about an hour. Really I feel like I can piddle and piddle with it until the cows come home, but there comes a time when an inner voice sets off an alarm, “Stand away from the canvas….eeeeoooo, eeeeoooo (siren)…stand away from the canvas!” I’ve learned the hard way how important it is to obey that alarm after many overworked paintings. So this is the final photo.

All that is left is signing, sealing and varnishing. Now that you’ve seen the final product, let me know if you would be interested in a painting pattern for this. What I’ve shared here is a general summary of the painting process. But a painting pattern would include the line drawing, step by step instructions and photos (more than here) along with tips to achieve the same look.

Now it’s on to the next…

9 thoughts on “Contemporary Rose–Final Touches

  1. Sheila Landry

    This was just fabulous to see! You are such a talented artist! Thank you for taking the time to share your process with us and show us your technique. It was so wonderful to see. Just beautiful! 🙂


    1. Lynnette Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Sheila. Working in grisaille and glazes is one of my most favorite techniques. I’m in love with DecoArt Traditions Transparent pigments. They make glazing so much fun.


  2. Pat Zelechowski

    I love the rose but I just can’t get the blue shadow in my head. I think it robs the rose. My eye went right to the shadow not the rose. What do you think of a dark shade of greyblue? I enjoyed following the rose come to it final beauty. And it is!


    1. Lynnette Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion. It reads a little blue than in real life. It’s a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Carbon Black. I first tried Phthalo Blue and it really took all the attention away from the rose. I didn’t take it off, but put the UB/CB mix on top. It is probably reading through. I’m painting it again for the step photos and will not have the Phthalo Blue layer, which should make a difference. I appreciate the input.



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